MV Dagon

MV Dagon



MV Dagon 1932



Length​ ​-​ ​35’​ ​+​ ​7’​ ​long​ ​bowsprit​ ​​​​​Width​ ​-​ ​10.5’​ ​​​​​Draft​ ​4.5’ ​​Painted​ ​SG​ ​White Built​ ​-​ ​​​1932,​ ​Thomaston​ ​Me,​ ​C.​ ​A.​ ​Morse Type​ ​-​ ​Single​ ​screw​ ​​​wheelhouse​ ​motorboat​ ​that​ ​sleeps​ ​4​ ​people 

Engine​ ​-​ ​John​ ​Deere​ ​100HP​ ​at​ ​1800​ ​RPM,​ ​Propeller​ ​24”​ ​x​ ​?,​ ​855​ ​hours Main​ ​engine​ ​fuel​ ​consumption​ ​3.5​ ​gal/hr​ ​diesel​ ​fuel 

Generator​ ​-​ ​​​7.5​ ​KW​ ​at​ ​1800​ ​RPM​ ​Yanmar​ ​diesel,​ ​​​2537​ ​hours 

Tankage​ ​-​ ​Aluminum,​ ​250​ ​gallon​ ​fuel​ ​and​ ​250​ ​gallon​ ​water 

DC​ ​electric​ ​-​ ​​​two​ ​deep​ ​cycle​ ​house​ ​batteries​ ​and​ ​two​ ​starting​ ​batteries​ ​with a​ ​selector​ ​switch​ ​and​ ​battery​ ​charger 

Refrigeration​ ​-​ ​Large​ ​capacity​ ​fridge​ ​and​ ​freezer​ ​on​ ​holding​ ​plates​ ​and​ ​Rich Beers​ ​Inc.​ ​condenser. 

Toilet​ ​-​ ​​​Wilcox​ ​Crittenden​ ​Skipper​ ​on​ ​a​ ​valve​ ​to​ ​discharge​ ​overboard​ ​or​ ​in the​ ​holding​ ​tank. 

Holding​ ​tank​ ​-​ ​​​is​ ​about​ ​20​ ​gallons​ ​with​ ​an​ ​Orberdorfer​ ​macerator​ ​pump and​ ​1⁄2​ ​hp​ ​discharge​ ​pump.

Current Location

Fort Lauderdale, FL



About Us


The Mistress of the Sea

I was 39 years old when Dagon splashed, a dream come true. A lot of hard work, a beautiful woman, and a new 13lbs 4oz baby boy. What a decade.


Where it all began...

While living and working on the “Delta” at Broward Marine, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I  found Dagon stored in one of the sheds. The boat had been stored for nearly ten years. She was a handsome boat, built in 1932 by CA Morse in Thomaston, Maine. The rent for her storage had not been paid for seven years, so the boat was considered abandoned property. I approached Broward Marine about selling me the boat.  They told me that to legally sell the boat it had to be done in an openly advertised public auction. 


So, I took the plunge...

 So I went to that auction determined to make her mine. I was 26 years old, highly motivated and hard-working, a young man with a vision to own a beautiful old motor yacht- rebuilt to the highest standards. 

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